Vrabel is the fastest riser in this year’s crop of new head coaches.

He only had one year of experience as the defensive coordinator of the Texans before the Titans tapped him to take over for Mike Mularkey. But ultimately, the 42-year-old players’ coach is in a good position for long-term success.

He inherits Marcus Mariota, who’s just 24, and a team that managed to make the playoffs this past season. After beating the Chiefs (who Vrabel once played for), the Titans then fell to another team Vrabel once played for, the Patriots.

Now the Titans want to build what the Patriots have, and who better to do that than a new head coach who spent eight seasons playing for Bill Belichick? They’ll have a full set of draft picks and just over $49 million in cap space to play with in free agency. As long as general manager Jon Robinson uses all of that capital wisely, Vrabel can succeed.

An Eagles win proves that anything is possible, and the individual — full of excitement and hope — is willing to share their life of joy with another. It’s critical in this step that one of the two people is holding a 40-ounce bottle of malt liquor to christen their love, and prove that no matter how wide the streets are, or how many ACLs are torn, that their belief in the Eagles (and each other) will get them through the tough times.

Martavis Bryant is a Pittsburgh Steeler and we want him to continue to be a Pittsburgh Steeler, Colbert told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. A lot of kids don’t make it back from a one-year suspension, but he did. We are not in the trade market for [Bryant].

The Steelers took a similar stance at the October trade deadline.

Bryant, a free agent in 2019, caught 50 passes for 603 yards and three touchdowns in 15 games last season. The Steelers have not discussed a long-term deal with Bryant, who was suspended for all of 2016 for multiple drug suspensions.

Bryant has been outspoken about his hopes of becoming a No. 1 receiver — which can’t happen in Pittsburgh with Antonio Brown — but after the season he expressed optimism for his role with the Steelers next season.patriots_018

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