Michael Lorenzen seeking consistency in bid to make Reds’ rotation

Michael Lorenzen is getting inconsistent results as he tries to win the fifth spot in the Cincinnati Reds’ rotation after being used exclusively out of the bullpen the past two seasons.

The right-hander has made two solid appearances and one wild one during spring games, which hasn’t helped his cause. He has a few more chances to make his case for a move back to the rotation. The alternative is to open the season as a middle-inning reliever.

“It’s about what you’re going to do about it,” Lorenzen said. “It is about whether you make the most out of your own situation.”

“I don’t know what it was, but I know it wasn’t right,” Lorenzen said.

He worked on his delivery during his throwing sessions the next few days and was better in his following appearance, allowing one hit and no walks in two scoreless innings.

“First, you figure out what it is, and then every time you throw a ball, you work on it,” Lorenzen said. “It comes from understanding what [it] is that’s causing you to be out of sync, then getting the habit out of you and retraining your nervous system to be in sync.”

Lorenzen was a center fielder at Cal State-Fullerton and closed games because he could throw hard. The Reds drafted him in 2013 and decided to turn him into a starter in the minors. During his rookie season, Lorenzen went 3-8 with a 5.92 ERA during a span of 18 consecutive starts, and the Reds moved him to the bullpen.

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I think it just got me prepared mentally and physically for what this league is all about. lions_091The seasons are shorter, of course, but you still get acclimated to those plane rides, getting back and getting up and going to class, which will be like waking up and going to practice, Young said.

There’s different ways, different routes you can take to get to your path to going to the NBA, but for me personally I was very happy and pleased I had a chance to go and experience college and enjoy my time there. It was short, but at the end of the day I did take full advantage of what college had to offer.

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