Inductive Components and Ferrites for Optimized Electronics

Kolektor is providing custom ferrite cores and inductors optimized to fit specific requirements of our customers. We are experts in providing custom inductor material and design solutions for inductive applications characterized by:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Maximum space utilization
  • Aggressive medium resistance
  • Extreme temperature operation
  • Increased mechanical and thermal stability

Our advantage is our integration of competence in magnetic material and inductive component development.

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Marquette King visiting Broncos

The agent for free agent punter Marquette King said this week that his client wanted a chance to visit with the Broncos because playing in Denver’s thin air “is a punter’s dream.”

King is getting that chance to make his case to the Broncos that signing King would work for them as well. According to multiple reports, King is in Denver for a visit with the team on Thursday.

All of this presumes that Beckham currently has problems. Where’s the proof of that? He’s never gotten in any trouble away from football (including but not limited to never pleading guilty to obstruction of justice in connection with the investigation of a double homicide), and Beckham has associated with non-athletes from the moment he first rose to prominence in 2014. Apart from choosing to avoid the bulk of the team’s voluntary workouts last year and wanting to be paid for the value he brings to the team, what has he done differently in the past year than what he has done since his rookie year?

“If (the Jets) find a guy they fall in love with, I think that’s a team’s job to go get them if they feel that’s the future of their program,” Allen told co-host Gil Brandt and me on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “They only traded three second-round picks for it …”

The big-city arrival of a California farm boy via (Wyoming) Cowboy country is an even stronger possibility now, provided:

1: Allen isn’t chosen first overall by the Browns or targeted as Eli Manning’s heir apparent with the Giants at No. 2.
2: The Browns and/or Giants don’t trade out of their respective slots with teams seeking QBs. The Broncos and Bills are the most likely candidates but such moves currently seem unlikely (at best).
3: Allen is preferred over other members of this year’s “Big Four” QB class: USC’s Sam Darnold, UCLA’s Josh Rosen and Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield.

The evaluation process to help create separation between the quartet continues Friday at Wyoming’s Pro Day.texans_102