Inductive Components and Ferrites for Optimized Electronics

Kolektor is providing custom ferrite cores and inductors optimized to fit specific requirements of our customers. We are experts in providing custom inductor material and design solutions for inductive applications characterized by:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Maximum space utilization
  • Aggressive medium resistance
  • Extreme temperature operation
  • Increased mechanical and thermal stability

Our advantage is our integration of competence in magnetic material and inductive component development.

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Adam Gase: Lackluster effort against Bills led to changes

The Dolphins have made plenty of big changes to the roster this offseason. The changes were sparked in part by the team’s effort, of lack thereof, during a 24-16 loss to the Bills.

“That game at Buffalo just seemed like a 20-hour game,” coach Adam Gase recently said on The Joe Rose Show, via the Palm Beach Post. “I was just waiting for us to turn the corner and really get going and nothing was working for us. There was no swagger, no attitude, and it was disappointing to see. It wasn’t everybody. You turn on that tape, there are guys that stand out noticeably as far as their effort and their play that was extremely high, and they were giving everything they had. We just did not have enough guys doing that. That’s why we felt like we needed to change some things around.”

The NFL folded its overseas developmental model in 2007, which left a void for a spring/developmental venture that the league has declined to fill.

Polian laughed when reflecting upon the underlying reason for NFL Europe’s demise.

“The unfortunate part was that it was in Europe,” he said. “It was difficult for people in the United Sates to relate to it.”

The Falcons are among the teams that have generally kept just two quarterbacks on the 53-man roster, and they have a veteran backup in Matt Schaub hanging around.

So whether or not they’re ready to move on from the 36-year-old Schaub (who’s in the second year of a two-year, $9 million deal), the notion of a younger backup to Matt Ryan isn’t without merit.

It’s not like Ryan needs a veteran mentor or anything, and it’s not like anyone thinks Schaub’s leading them to the playoffs if something awful happens to their starter. So taking a look at a late-round prospect like Lee could make some sense on a team with a number of young players who will be wanting contracts in the future (including Ryan). Or maybe they start keeping a third quarterback on the 53, and (NERD ALERT) let Schuab play Obi-Wan to some kid with a high midichlorian count.

Whether Lee’s the guy to make them think about such a plan or not (we don’t always hear about all the visits), it’s at least interesting that the Falcons are thinking about the future at the position.texans_078